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Web Firms Find Paths To Profits: Free Vs. Fees

Consumers love a price of zero — but it can be tough on the bottom line. That has led some companies to provide a lot of free stuff and only charge for certain things. Other companies are resisting the pressure to give their products and services away. Two software firms illustrate the dichotomy. A Gaming … Continue reading

Should C.E.O.’s read novels?

The question seems to answer itself. After all, C.E.O.’s work with people all day. Novel-reading should give them greater psychological insight, a feel for human relationships, a greater sensitivity toward their own emotional chords. Sadly, though, most of the recent research suggests that these are not the most important talents for a person who is … Continue reading

Halal: Buying Muslim

Khalfan Mohammed has long been buffeted by culture shock while staying in five-star hotels. As a devout Muslim he has learned to ask staff to remove the minibar’s alcohol. He loathes lobbies with loud discos and drunken guests. When traveling with his parents, it is the bikinis that rankle most. “It was quite shocking for … Continue reading

First, Know Yourself

When it comes to career reinvention, too many people make a fundamental mistake: They don’t know themselves. So when I talk to people about making a career change, I always suggest first doing a few self-assessment exercises. Career self-assessment is the process of getting acquainted with what you like — and don’t like — in … Continue reading

With Jobs Tight, M.B.A.s Head for Home

After working in public accounting for three years, Joe Fusco, wanted to become an investment banker. So he invested more than $70,000 and two years into an M.B.A. But as he prepares to graduate from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana next month, Mr. Fusco, 27 years old, hasn’t had any luck landing a … Continue reading

Bankers vs. Economists: Who deserves more blame for the global economic collapse?

This is adapted from Dumb Money: How Our Greatest Financial Minds Bankrupted the Nation , which is now available in paperback. Which profession bears more blame for the global credit meltdown and its ensuing gazillion-dollar bailouts: bankers or economists? This isn’t a trick question. So far, bankers have been getting most of the opprobrium. Yes, … Continue reading

It Doesn’t Have To Hurt

Government should use the lessons of behavioral economics to get us to invest more for retirement. By Richard Thaler | NEWSWEEK Published Apr 11, 2009 From the magazine issue dated Apr 20, 2009 Aging Americans are facing a perfect storm when it comes to retirement. Many have done little saving over the past two decades and … Continue reading

The 10 people most reponsible for the recession

The global financial crisis has evolved into a worldwide recession of epic proportions. Analysts fear the sudden slump which has followed the credit crunch could even rival the Great Depression of the early 1930s and lead to global stagnation. But who is responsible? The bursting of the housing bubble and the collapse in confidence throughout financial markets … Continue reading

Efficient market hypothesis is dead – for now

I have to report the sad passing of the efficient market hypothesis. The theory was officially declared dead yesterday at the World Economic Forum in Davos. There were no mourners. The announcement was made at a brainstorming session that involved many of the world’s top economists, politicians and business leaders … together with a few … Continue reading